The Best Cyclists of All Time

Cycling is a sport which people love following, a sport which can be quite a good recreational activity, but also a very entertaining professional one. Betting in cycling is a common theme and punters love placing bets on who will win which stage of a tour, or the entire tour. Punters also frequently find promotional codes online, like this Unibet bonus code 2019. There is also often a debate about which cyclist is the best cyclist of all time. Here is our entry to the debate which should not be considered canon by no means. These kinds of topics often get changed, especially with new talent often emerging.

Eddy Merckx

With a very interesting surname, Eddy Merckx has to be the best cyclist of all time, if you look at the sheer number of titles under his belt. He won 5 Tours, 5 Giros and a single Vuelta. In total, he won eleven grand tours and is looking like the best road cyclist ever. He won 65 grand tour stages and that is the most anybody ever won, a record still not broken. His career spanned over 13 years and during that time he won all the Monument races, winning the one in Milan-San Remo seven times. He was also a 3 time world road race champion. Eddy Merckx, simply put, is unrivalled when it comes to victories.

Gino Bartali

Gino Bartali is one of those cyclists who became legends, but not just because of his cycling skills. But, to be fair to the man, he had a 20 year long career. He won the Tour de France twice. What’s astonishing about the two wins, however, is that they were 10 years apart from one another. A man winning two Tours in ten years, but none in between is a feat by itself. The first win was in 1938, the second in 1948. He also won the Giro three times.

What he was also known for was his humanitarian and resistance work during the Second World War. He hid a Jewish family and frequently brought them food, helping them survive. Not only that, but he also carried messages on his bike, while actually practicing for the upcoming races. He was a legend in every way. 

Lance Armstrong

Controversy time. Nobody wants to talk about Armstrong because he was actually caught doping. Doping is a big problem in cycling, but Armstrong was the one who took the fall. He was stripped of everything he won from 1998 to 2012. He won the Tour de France 7 times consecutively. He didn’t only win it, he destroyed the opposition, and was one of the first cyclists to have a very high cadence. He was discredited and his sponsors dropped him pretty quickly in 2012, when he was stripped of all his victories from 1998 to 2012. But to say that he wasn’t a good cyclist would be ludicrous. 

These are the best cyclists of all time. More could be shuffled into the list and most likely will, but for now, these are the best ones.