How to make money from cycling betting

Betting on cycling is one sure way to make some money off your passion. Stories abound of people who, through research and dedicated study, and of course a bit of luck won sizable amount backing specific outcomes in a cycling tournament.

You’re here because you also want to learn the basics of cycling betting. In this post, we’ll take you by the hand and walk you through the basics.

So, if you’re ready here, we go…

First things first, you need a bookmaker that offers huge bonuses.

Numerous betting websites out there offer sign-on bonuses to new players and even loyalty promos to longtime players. But, what you should be looking out for here, is one that has a consistent history of above-average odds for different betting markets.

So, right from the beginning, your task is cut out – find one with the best offer. The reality, however, is that hunting for bonus codes in 2018 can be quite challenging as most of the bookies offering great odds are buried under the plethora of so many sites.

Improve Your Knowledge of the sport

Before ever diving into betting on cycling, it’s essential to understand what’s going on really. Learn, research, and stay up to date on team news, athlete’s form, and even on the expected weather condition before a tournament.

The reason for this is simple, getting well-informed, helps you take calculated risks with your decisions backed by robust well-researched data.

If, however, you’re unable to do the research, then you may have to consider the services of professional tipsters.

What type of cycling betting should you go for?

Just as in other sports betting, betting on cycling also, offers different betting options for bettors:

Outright winner – This betting market hedges on a particular cyclist winning the race.

Place bet – Another betting market in cycling involves backing different riders to come in at second, third, or fourth and so on in a race.

Each-way bet – This consist of both outright bet and place-bet. Betting in this market requires paying double that’s split between the outright win and place-bet. If your rider wins the race, you get a payout of half the amount staked for winning the outright bet but loses the place bet and vice-versa.

The each-way betting strategy is a good way to spread your chances of winning.

Stage bet – Is available in road racing events like the Grand Tours which is divided into 21 stages. One can bet on who wins in each stage.

What cycling events should you place your bet on?

Cycling comes in two categories – road racing and track cycling. Road racing involves popular events like Tour de France – the most popular one, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a Espana. Track cycling includes events like sprint, pursuit, point race, etc.

Each of these events present different challenges to cyclists; hence some are better in one cycling category than in others. So, deciding on which cycling category to place bet should be based on previous performances of the cyclists in such cycling category.