Best Road Cyclists

Cycling has become more than just a hobby and a way to get somewhere quickly in a green vehicle. It is a noble sport and a way of life. Making it as a professional cyclist is hard, and requires more effort than, for example, just playing casino games in Pensylvania with PlayBingo online. Hard work, dedication, and believing in yourself in spite of everything are just some of the things a person needs in order to be one of the best. Here are some of the best road cyclist the world has ever seen.

Sean Kelly

Unfortunately, Sean Kelly didn’t have what it takes to win many Grand Tours. He only won one in 1988, Vuelta a España. In spite of that, he is one of the most notable names in the sport because of his achievements in the Classics. He won the first World Cup, and one of the things he is most famous for is his record – he won Paris-Nice seven times! His forte was climbing – where other riders would take a break, he would push himself.

Lance Armstrong

In spite of the drug charges and admission, Lance Armstrong remains an inspiration, because he won Tour de France several times. While many of his successes are put into question, let us remember that he is a cancer survivor and one that remained a hardcore athlete during his ordeal. His story inspired a few filmmakers, which is why we can enjoy documentaries about his life. A cautionary tale or an inspirational story, take your pick. In our minds, Armstrong will remain one of the best.

Miguel Induráin Larraya

Five Tour de France and two Giro d’Italia wins are what puts Miguel Induráin on this list. After some of Armstrong’s titles were revoked, he became the person with the most consecutive Tour de France victories. His fame was so notable, that the impressionable youth started cycling to be more like their idol. One of the reasons he is loved by his fans is that he is not conceited. In his everyday life, he is quiet and unassuming.

Bernard Hinault

Another cyclist that won Tour de France five times, albeit not consecutively, is Bernard Hinault. Even when he didn’t win, he was close by. He is one of the seven cyclists to win all three Grand Tours. People call him The Badger, and he had to explain that it had nothing to do with the animal, but was just a part of a friendly greeting that happened to be associated with him. With a professional career of 11 years, he advocated team cooperation as a means to achieve victory.

Eddy Merckx

The top spot on our list goes out to the cyclist with the most difficult name to pronounce, Édouard Louis Joseph, Baron Merckx. He won Tour de France and Giro d’Italia 5 times, and a bunch of other races and events. Most cycling enthusiasts would say that he is the greatest cyclist that ever lived. He retired from racing in 1978.